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Marriage is one of the most special bond between two individuals. For humans marriage is an emotional, physical and social requirement. It is often said that the real life begins after marriage. In India traditional marriages are the most common way of getting married where the bride and groom get married in the presence their respective families, relatives and friends in a religious ceremony. These marriages have their own customs and traditons and require a lot of planning, budget and time.

Court Marriage Noida India
Court Marriage is easy and completely legal

Many a times it is not possible for the boy and girl to get married in traditional manner. In case of love marriage, intercaste marriage, inter religious marriages it is often tough to take the consent of parents and important members of the family. Sometimes due to lack of time and umwanted conditions traditional marriage are not possible. In such cases court marriage is the best available solution. –

Court marriage invloves very little formalities and does not require huge expenses as compoared to traditional marriages. There is no need to invite unnecessary guests and do lot of expenditure to show off. All one needs is the will of both girl and boy and to get married and few legal formailites which can be easily fulfilled.…-generika-100-mg/

The advantage of court marriage is that it is completely legal authorised by law. There are no hassles in court marriage. Such a marriage takes mainimum time and saves alot of money.

Requirements, terms and conditions of court marriage

All Indian Citizens irrespective of their caste and religion are eligible for court marriage in india. However there are few terms and conditions which should be met by both the parties

  • The bridegroom should note be less than 21 years of age and the bride should not be below 18 years of age to be eligible for court marriage
  • The concerned parties should not be a part of any existing legal marriage with third person. If either of the boy or girl are previously married and marrying to a new partner, a proof of divorce with the previous marriage  must be produced.
  • The bride and groom should be mature, responsible and of sound mind.
  • There should not be any prohibited relation among the the parties. They should not be inter related as per Hindu Marriage Act.
  • In case both the parties are hindus they can marry under Hindu Marriage Act. In case they belong to different religion or nationality they can marry under Special Marriage Act.

Benefits of Court Marriage over traditional Marriage

Court Marriages in India are becoming widely common  becauase it invlolves a lot of eases and is free from hassles of traditional marriage.  In many situations it is the best way to marry the person of your choice. It requires far less formailities than a traditional marriage and the marriage procedure is completed within a few hours only. Few benefits of court marriage are given below:

  • Court Marriages are easier to organize as compared to regular tradtional marriges.
  • Since the only expnediute incurred in court marriage is the court fees . It cuts of lots of unnecessary expenses which is common in traditional marriage. It saves lot of money of both the sides.  
  • Court marriage does not require huge guest list. It requires presence of just few witnesses from both the sides
  • Court Marriage are not lengthy and time taking. Marriage takes just a few hours to be solemnized.
  • In Court marriage only formal court procedure is followed. This type of marriage is highly suitable where the boy and girl belong to different backrounds. caste or community. In traditional marriages customs and traditions of both families have to be kept in mind which can be a bit confusing to follow.
  • Court Marriage keeps a check on the custom of dowry which is huge burden on girl’s family.