Invest in Play School

Invest in Play School Business

Now a days it is not easy to find a business which has high returns and minimum investment. Budding entreprenuers and businessmen want a business model which gives them a secure income without taking much risk. All the business need a good amount of investment which basically starts from minimum investment of several lakh rupees. Although you may be willing to put that much investment but there is no assurance that the business will turnout to be profitable. Real Estate Sector being the most risky one as many builders and developers are unable to finish their projects on time due to paucity of funds. So it is advisable for budding businessmen to refrain from taking such risks.

Invest in Makoons Play School Franchise

Education is the primary need of man. We can’t survive in this highly competitive world without being properly educated. It is education that makes us complete. Play schools are high demand today. Today our children need the right guidance and education from a very early age to to survive in highly competitive world. Things have changed rapidly in the past fifteen years and as both parents are working, they cannot devote sufficient time to their young children who need the right guidance, education and proper training to learn things fast.  The need for an institution for young children age 1.5 to 5 years is in great demand. Makoons, North India’s leading Play School Franchise understands this requirement. In a short span of four years Makoons has opened multiple pre school branches all across India.

This is very lucrative business opportunity for people looking for a safe and steady business with continuous growth. The investment in play school business is relatively less as compared to other business options. Any one having own or rented property with decent size and few rooms can opt to be part of Makoons Play School. Makoons is offering the choice of  Master Franchise, Area Franchise or Unit Franchise to its franchise partners.

Benefits of becoming Makoons Franchise

  • Low investment and high returns
  • No recurring expenses on infrastructure
  • Complete marketing and advertising support
  • Customized stationary material
  • Proper guidance for running the play school by experts
  • Can be set up in small independent or rented flat
  • Buy back option after 3 years
  • Zero royalty model