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Wedding is one of the most important and memorable moment of a person’s life. This is a turning point in the life of the boy and girl who are going to be married. Nobody wants th miss this precious moment and want to capture each and every moment of the wedding. The familes of bridegroom and girl do not want to leave any stone unturned for their beloved son and daughter’s wedding.  This is where the role of wedding photographer comes into play.

A wedding photographer is a specialist in covering wedding picture and videos. Since each moment is special and memorable for the boy and girl  the role of wedding photographer becomes very important. Wedding Photography is a specialised job and needs certian set of skills. A trained wedding photographer knows

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Wedding Photography

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how to capture beautiful shots of bride, groom and their familes. Events like Ladies Sangeet, Haldi, Wedding, Bidai, Pheras, Wedding Reception are combined chronologically in the final output.

Each and every tradition and customs are captured in the camera and finallly edited and presented by wedding  photographers. Now a days people are paying more and more attention to wedding photography as this once in a time event. Families do not hesitate to spend good amount of money for creating quality wedding albums and videos.  In Indian wedding photgraphy has become a specialised job. It can take ardous effort to produce the final video and album.Now a days the trend of pre wedding videos and photgraphy has become very common. Poeple want to look best and savour this moment for life.  The photographer selects good locations and shoots the bride and groom in various poses for still and video photography. Just like any other shoot good camera man, makeup artists and helping staff is hired for the job.

With the improvment and advancement in technology special drone cameras are also being used today to capture shots from good height.  Trolleys. gimbals and special lighting equipments are deployed to come up with the best result.  In short wedding photography is an art and can no longer be taken causually in modern times. Professionalism which includes command over the craft, polite behaviour, timely delivery of fimished product is very important if any wedding photographer wants to sustain in this field.

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